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by Tiffany W. on 678 Rid Junk
So nice!!

I called these folks because I was getting rid of a box spring and a bed rail, and my apartment complex was threatening me with a $250 dollar fine for having these items set out by the garbage area. (Don't judge me too harshly, I had no idea I wasn't allowed to do that. I had seen so many others leaving large items like couches, entertainment centers, etc... that I honestly thought that was what we were supposed to do with the large stuff.) Anyway! I get a call from my leasing office and I don't have a truck to haul things in, so I start panicking. I did a search for a junk removal service and I called a few places. One was going to charge $200 for the removal of these items, one wouldn't be able to come out till the next week, but finally when I called 678ridjunk, I spoke with Trip who assured me they would be able to come out the following morning (keep in mind, I called well after noon, around 4pm,) and then quoted me a price that was *much* lower than the other folks I had spoken with. Sure enough I get a text message confirming everything, and the following morning they called to let me know they were on the way. To my surprise, someone else had taken a mattress out there, (I swear on my life it wasn't me lol,) and it was near my items being removed, so to avoid a situation where the leasing office at my apartments tried to blame me for that, I asked the gentleman who came out (I can't remember his name for the life of me,) what it would cost to add the mattress to the removal. I braced for the worst but they only charged an extra ten dollars. I can't tell you the amount of relief I felt when it was done. They took all of 5 minutes to get everything together and they were on their way. It went from a situation I was freaking out over, to one that was no problem so fast. I will ALWAYS use them for junk removal in the future. Thank you all so much again!!!!

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