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Holly springs Household junk removal services

678 Rid Junk provides junk removal services to all of Holly Springs, GA.

Do you ever feel over-crowded in your own home? Want to make more space for a new hobby or just to be more organized? Are you tired of feeling like your house is always cluttered and there’s no space in your own home?

Right now is the best time to start clearing out all that undesirable junk from your house, but who has time or energy for it? If you were thinking it’d be nice to have all that junk just disappear, we can make that happen! We’ll take all that unwanted junk from your home or garage and all with no hassle to you! You’ll be able to have your space back without having to lift, load, or haul anything yourself! Let us help you get started on having an organized space!

We offer same-day junk removal all over Holly Springs, GA. Don’t wait another day letting the junk stack up collecting dust, hiding germs, bugs and rodents! Give us a call and we’ll come right out and haul it all! We even offer same day service in Holly Springs in most cases! We’ll be there as fast as you like, and we’ll take care of you right! Why wait another day letting it all just sit there? We take care of Holly Springs with junk removal like no one else can!

Every day we make life easier for people in Holly Springs easier by helping rid them of junk. Is your life overflowing with old items you haven't seen or used in years? Have old furniture you need out of your life? Garage piled up with boxes and junk? Have a broken appliance you need removed? Let us help!

How it works:

Junk Hauling in Holly Springs has never been easier with 678 Rid Junk. Here’s how it works when you decide to hire us:
  • First, pick up the phone

    and call (678) Rid-Junk (678-743-5865) and be connected to a member of the crew, usually in about 15 seconds. Then let us know what kind of junk you need removed. Our rates start at $75 (the lowest for a professional junk removal company in Holly Springs). Our crew member will be able to give you an instant quote over the phone so you know what you can expect to spend.

  • Second Step

    let us know the day and time you’d like us to stop by. We can almost always offer same-day junk removal service if that is what you’re looking for, but we can also set you up for a date in the future.

  • Finally, when we arrive

    simply point out the junk to be removed and we’ll take care of it, usually in about 20 minutes. We handle all the heavy lifting, hauling, and loading. Just sit back and relax.

We service all of Holly Springs, including 30115, and 30142.

Give us a call at 678-743-5865 to set up an appointment or fill out the contact form to the right for a free quote.

We look forward to serving you!

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