Downsizing or emptying a storage shed with professional storage shed cleanout services.

678 Rid Junk helps people in and around Marietta empty out or downsize their storage units every month. Many people find themselves in the dreadful position of needing to clean out a storage unit. Often tenants have moved into a new house or apartment without room to accommodate all their furniture and belongings but not wanting to get rid of old possessions. However, over time as you find yourself missing your old items less and less and looking at a table stacked with (potentially) years of storage unit fees, the need to empty the unit or downsize becomes more urgent. 

There are numerous companies that can help you get rid of storage unit contents. When you don’t have the manpower to assist you or a truck of your own to haul the contents, call us. You want to work with a company that is licensed and has liability insurance to protect yourself. 

678 Rid Junk is affordable and experienced at emptying storage units quickly. They do all the heavy lifting and will work with you to determine what needs to be hauled away and what needs to stay (in the event that you’re downsizing to a smaller unit to save on storage fees, for example). They are equipped to handle even the largest and heaviest of items including old appliances, bulky furniture, electronics such as large televisions, and weighty exercise equipment. 

They also work with public storage unit facility managers. In the event that a tenant skips town and leaves their items behind, managers are left with the cleanup task themselves. 678 Rid Junk offers special professional account holder rates, invoice billing, and quick turn-around, as well as liability insurance and workmans comp. 

If you are in need of storage unit cleanout services or have questions about costs or scheduling, contact them at or call Trip at (678) 743-5865. 

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